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Health Benefits of Walnuts

Celebrate this holiday season with walnuts. They make a great healthy snack or you can add them to your favorite salad or entrée for extra flavor and nutrition. Just ¼ cup (7 walnuts) provides you with 94% of your Daily Value for those hard-to-find omega-3 fatty acids. Enjoy! For more on the Food of the […]


Health Benefits of Sunflower seeds

Looking for a health-promoting snack? Enjoy a handful of mild nutty tasting sunflower seeds with their firm but tender texture to take care of your hunger and get a wealth of nutrition at the same time. Sunflower seeds are available at your local market throughout the year. Sunflower seeds are the gift of the beautiful […]


Health Benefits of Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds add a nutty taste and a delicate, almost invisible, crunch to many Asian dishes. They are also the main ingredients in tahini (sesame seed paste) and the wonderful Middle Eastern sweet call halvah. They are available throughout the year. Sesame seeds may be the oldest condiment known to man. They are highly valued […]


Health Benefits of Pumpkin seeds

Nutrients inPumpkin Seeds0.25 cup (32.25 grams) Nutrient%Daily Value  manganese73.5%  tryptophan53.1%  magnesium47.7%  phosphorus39.7%  copper21.5%  protein19.5%  zinc16.8%  iron15.7% Calories (180)10% This chart graphically details the %DV that a serving of Pumpkin seeds provides for each of the nutrients of which it is a good, very good, or excellent source according to our Food Rating System. Additional information […]


Health Benefits of Peanuts

We have placed peanuts on our “10 Most Controversial WHFoods List.” This list was created to let you know that even though some foods (like peanuts) can make an outstanding contribution to your meal plan, they are definitely not for everyone. Peanuts can be difficult to find in high-quality form; can be more commonly associated […]


Health Benefits of Olive oil, extra virgin

Anyone coming from the Mediterranean region of the world would tell you about the health benefits, as well as the wonderful flavor, of a good dose of olive oil on salads, pasta, fish and almost anything else. Fortunately, it is available throughout the year to satisfy taste buds and promote good health. What’s New and […]


Health Benefits of Flaxseeds

Based upon research and public health recommendations, we believe that a combination of nuts and seeds, including flaxseeds, that adds up to 3 tablespoons (1.5 ounces, or 42 grams) per day is a dietary step well worth taking for most people. For more background on this recommendation, please see this article. Nutrients inFlax Seeds, ground2.00 […]


Health Benefits of Cashews

The delicately flavored cashew nut is a favorite between meal snack that can be readily found in your local market year round. It also makes wonderful nut butter and a special addition to salads and stir-fry dishes. Cashew nuts are actually the kidney-shaped seeds that adhere to the bottom of the cashew apple, the fruit […]


Health Benefits of Almonds

Fortunately, the delicately flavored and versatile almond is available throughout the year to make a healthy and tasty addition to both sweet and savory dishes. Although packaged almonds are available year round, they are the freshest in mid-summer, which is when they are at the height of their season. The almond that we think of […]